Why and Where Should You Study Hospitality Management?

Hospitality and tourism are two of the fastest growing sectors across the globe and is currently 10% of the world’s workforce are employed in these. Thus, studying hospitality management courses will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this rapid growth. If you have the talent and determination, you will definably relish the rewards on a regular basis.

One of the most crucial reasons to study hospitality management is because it offers great job and career opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved in the constantly evolving and happening world.

However, one must understand that hospitality management courses are best suited for energetic, enthusiastic people who have a passion for people and service. Especially, the ones who are active and have leadership skills make excellent hotel managers. They have to be well organized, creative and natural leaders.

Moreover, in order to work in tourism and hospitality and develop a successful career, you need to be outgoing, enjoy relationships/interactions with people, sacrifice time (such as birthdays, holidays, festivals, etc ), be service oriented and most importantly have the ability to work with teams.

So, if you have these traits and natural flair, then the possibilities are endless for you in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Which College And Program Should You Choose?
If simply Google it, you will find that there are many Hotel Management institutes in the world, but only some offer the best education. Also, before enrolling for any program it is important to consider the international exposure and experience factor. This is crucial because the reach of hospitality and tourism sectors in beyond the borders and if you wish to get the growth you deserve you will need the skills to compete on a global scale.

And, when it comes to global, integrated learning, exposure and experience in hospitality management, there’s nothing better than the recently launched hybrid degree programs by Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI), Khandala

Why Study Hotel Management at KIMI?
Students at Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI) have the opportunity of learning not only hotel management, service skills and kitchen operations, but to get the knowledge on a global scale.

These hospitality management degree programs by KIMI give you 2 years of stringent international training and exposure. You get the opportunity to learn from global leaders in the hospitality industry as well as earn a degree either from USA or UK.

Moreover, along with the knowledge and know-how of the hospitality and tourism sectors, the curriculum at KIMI also focuses on finance, accounting and marketing, preparing students for a wider scope in a variety of fields.

Located in the pristine hills of Khandala, near Pune and Mumbai is an excellent option for those planning on studying Hotel Management and make a successful career. Admissions are open for 2019 intake. Click Here to Apply Now.


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