What Are the Most Important Jobs Position in The Field of Hotel Management?

If you are looking to make a career in the field of hotel management, hospitality and travel, and tourism. And are looking for some guidance and motivation, then you have reached the right place.

Hospitality is one of the most dynamic fields and requires several professionals to run it smoothly. Following are some of the most important jobs position in the field of hotel management:

Accommodation Manager

An accommodation manager is responsible for the efficient running of the establishment, so to meet the needs of tenants, guests or residents. This includes ensuring standards of cleanliness and maintenance are upheld, budgets are controlled and any problems are quickly rectified. Accommodation manager must also make sure his/her team are up to date with the industries modification, well trained and managed.

Catering Manager

A catering manager is a person who manages the activities on a day-to-day basis in a restaurant, hotel, resort or any other part of the hospitality industry. Also, leading a team of chefs and catering assistants, catering managers are tasked with optimizing the quality of the food, service, and performance of their respective outlets. The most important part of the job is said to be maintaining good quality at low cost and raising standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction.


A Chef is a trained & skilled professional cook. The chef is responsible for making all the food that reaches every single guest, the standard recipe, hygienically prepared and served on time. Chef maintains the passion for cooking and endlessly repeats the act every single day. Chef believes in building a win, mutually respectful environment between the front and back of the respective domain, resulting in higher guest satisfaction & improvising associate longevity.

Conference Centre Manager

It’s Conference center manager job to ensure that all services provided meet the clients’ needs and that events are run efficiently. Conference center manager must strike a balance between customer satisfaction and effective business management, which often means dealing with last-minute changes or solving problems as they arise.

Event Manager

An event manager is responsible for planning prior to the actual event. Including, the choosing of the venue, theme, layout, caterers, etc. The event manager will make sure everything is in place for the event, putting frameworks in place to ensure that the event runs smoothly once it starts.

An event manager is also responsible for pre-planning, He/She will be there on the day ensuring that logistics such as staff management, room layout, and schedules are on track.

Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, you’ll be more involved with every area of the business than anyone else. Apart from being involved with all day to day activities, you will have to maintain a strong overview of it, support your management team. This is a must-have factor as you will be responsible for everything going around, also you must make sure that all the hotel services and staff do adapt to change for better customer satisfaction.

Public House Manager

As the public house manager, the core responsibility one will have is to ensure that the pub is running in a profitable, efficient and customer-friendly manner. The specific duties one will have is determined by the type of establishment he/she manage. For instance, if one work for a chain pub, his/her responsibilities may deviate from the typical duties of an independent pub manager.

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