Unlock Doors To Rewarding career in Hotel management with KIMI Institute

Degree in Hospitality management is gradually becoming one of the most sought after degrees among the youth. There is more to a career in hospitality management than just a fancy degree, it is a course which not only teaches you about team work, but inculcates practices of time management, stress management, customer satisfaction and above all of that, it also helps you build strong connects within the industry.

Kohinoor college of hotel management brings you a few pointers to help you understand more about what kind of a rewarding career you can have by finishing a bachelor degree of hospitality management.

One of a kind working environment: The environment that you work in always plays a role in how efficient you are at your work. Hotel management is one industry is one career where in the work environment is always full of enthusiasm because you are always preparing for something event or the other. Additionally, you get an opportunity to meet new and interesting people from different walks of life, thus ensuring not a single day of work is dull.

Incentives: For every working person, incentives are as important as their monthly income. And one can easily grab their hands on these incentives on their salary by meeting goals based on revenue generation, customer satisfaction and service and much more. Since a person already loves working in hospitality industry, it is very easy for them to gain these bonuses on a regular basis.

Avail Discounts: There are endless facilities and amenities in hotels, especially the big chains, and employees get an advantage of using these amenities are a highly discounted price and do some recreational activities during their breaks. Additionally, in the hospitality industry the employees are entitled to free meals, which helps you save a lot of your income, which you would have otherwise spent on buying meals. In the major hotel chains, your work uniforms are provided you to for free or at minimal cost.

Increased Opportunities: A degree is hospitality management opens up a lot of career opportunities for you, and provides you a vast range of roles to choose from. You can decide to work at either a large chain of hotels or a small one, you can also choose between working nationally or internationally. Another benefit of this career field is that you are always given a chance to explore different domains to increase your experience.


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