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The hotel industry works as an important part of the total hospitality industry with immense growth potential in the future. The demand for the hotel management experts is already high and it is expected to grow more in the near future with a large number of hotels being set up in different parts every Indian city including Mumbai. Apart from the glamour, a career in the field of hotel management after getting the degree from any of the reputable hotel management colleges in Mumbai is also really exciting and lucrative. And this thing attracts more and more people to opt for this career. Apart from being a popular career option, people love this profession because of the higher salaries. In the majority of the cases, the larger a hotel is, one can expect to get the better payment.

But before that it is important to know a few things about this profession:

Hotel management is basically a system that includes the management of all things regarding the hotel business. As the field of study, this profession includes learning all the management techniques, which cover different aspects of managing hotel businesses like marketing, hotel administration, accounts, housekeeping, food management, maintenance, beverage, and catering management. The main goal behind it is to operate a hotel properly while managing different aspects of this business.

How can a hotel management degree be beneficial?

Completing a hotel management degree can really help one to get a range of lucrative career opportunities in the food or beverage service of the hotels. These days, as the tourism industry is growing at the unmatched pace, therefore there is a huge increase in the demand for the professionals working in the field of hotel management.

Career opportunities in the hotel management industry:

The industry of hotel management in Mumbai offers different types of career opportunities. And therefore this industry can offer people different types of roles to play. Besides, there is also plenty of room for advancement in this field as the hotel industry is constantly in need of manpower.

So, when someone chooses hotel management as his/her career option, the person can actually access the career opportunities in different sizes and types of hotels. Jobs in the hotel management industry also include public relations, recreations, computer applications and security along with the mainstream specializations.

Apart from that, the hotel management degree holders can also find lucrative career opportunities in the sectors like:

1. Club management
2. Cabin services and airline catering or flight kitchen
3. Catering and hospital administration
4. Ship or cruise hotel management
5. Hospitality services in the Indian Navy
6. Forest lodges
7. Resorts, guest houses
8. Hotel and Tourism Associations
9. Hospitality services in different MNCs
10. Catering departments of banks, railways, shipping companies, armed forces etc.
11. Kitchen management in the running canteens or hotels in the schools, colleges, company guest houses, factories etc.
12. Hotel and catering institutes as the sales or marketing executive or as a management trainee
13. Self-employment as the entrepreneur


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