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10 Myths About Hotel And Hospitality Management School In India

India is a country with hundreds of possible career options for an undergraduate to choose from for their higher education. Unfortunately, it is also a country where lakhs of youth are being sheep herded into engineering or select few higher education courses. This has not only created a case of unemployment in the technology field but is also depriving these young minds from joining a field they might have excelled in. Hotel and Hospitality Management is one such career field that is going unexplored by the youth of the country. This is largely due to the various myths and rumors associated with the hospitality industry. ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Hotel and Hospitality Industry Trends That Will Influence Guest/Customer/Visitor Experience

Great travel stories are usually an outcome of a great living experience. A major part of travelling is having to decide where to accommodate. After a wonderful day of creating memories, all one needs is a cozy, homely bed to crash in and wake up fresh in the morning to continue the quest of memory making. We, at Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI), Khandala, offer an excellent training program to the students who aspire to seek hospitality management in India. Our course is smartly curated to provide not just theoretical knowledge but also the prac...

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The Key Competencies in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry comprises of vast fields and professions which requires a set of skills to obtain a good position. These skills can be taught to a student if he/she pursues a bachelor in hospitality management. We at Kohinoor International Management Institute are providing you with a chance to hone your skills by signing up for the hospitality management courses in Mumbai. Some of the key competencies which an individual should have to make it big in the hospitality industry are as follows:

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