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The hotel industry works as an important part of the total hospitality industry with immense growth potential in the future. The demand for the hotel management experts is already high and it is expected to grow more in the near future with a large number of hotels being set up in different parts every Indian city including Mumbai. Apart from the glamour, a career in the field of hotel management after getting the degree from any of the reputable hotel management colleges in Mumbai is also really exciting and lucrative. And this thing attracts more and more people to opt for this career. Apart from being a popular career opti...

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Stories Make Food Interesting

My mummy says, I was an extremely picky and stubborn eater as a kid. I’m told, my granny had to tell me a story to feed me. And only when she did that, I would eat involuntarily. Well,why did that happen? My inquisitive self, made me in search for the reason. Made me think, about the trend of food channels coming up these days. People watch food shows, write down recipes, buy recipe books, but,mostly, end up going to a restaurant to have lunch or dinner on a day off. There is seldom any interest to cook. So, what urges them to do this drama? Is it these impressive dishes? Or is it the way the food is presented? What...

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Patisserie or Boulangerie ?

As a lay man, we would just walk into a bake shop in India and buy the pastries and breads we want but if we look around, one may just notice that some shops that sell these products will have “Patisserie” written on the shop board while others will have “Boulangerie”. I often ask my students the same question, Is it a matter of personal choice or the owners prefer to call it that way? Both these terms are French in origin( Probably the birthplace for everything sweet and in true sense the baking capital of the world). It’s known for its range of baked delicacies such as baguettes, croissants, éclairs, puffs et...

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