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The Rise of Adventure Tourism

How adventure tourism is gaining popularity every day? Tourism is not just about staying at luxurious hotels or satisfying your taste buds with some exotic delicacies, it is also about an adventure to some unknown or unexplored destination. Adventure spots like hiking, rafting, kayaking or trekking lend a special appeal to holiday trips. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel is the fastest growing segment of the leisure travel industry. Adventure travel remains unaffected by factors like recession and the economic slowdown, since adventure lies in the mind of the adventurer. Adventure ...

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More functionality in Your Mobile App

Ask yourself this: what percentage of the time do you dial up details about your stay and confirmation numbers and all that stuff as you’re walking up to the counter to check in? I’ll answer the question for myself: 100% of the time. Phones are ubiquitous, and they’re a great way to simply pull up all the details you need, so why not have an app for your hotel that makes all that info easy to access (and, even better, make future bookings)? The way guests interact with hotels has changed dramatically in the last few years because of smartphones. Other hotels are jumping on hotel-branded customer mobile apps as a...

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Many students, even me of Kohinoor IMI School of Hospitality Management dream of being able to run their own restaurant one day. But what very few of us know is, that through the restaurant & food service management bachelor’s degree, students get the opportunity to work in a group to plan an entire day of service from scratch. This is what we did by running a live restaurant, the “Solitaire” of Hotel Kohinoor Continental. We had planned themed for our food festival as “India Meets the World”. We had successfully operated the restaurant for 10 days. During the initial planning stage, we divided ourselves in t...

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