Shri. Unmesh Joshi

Educational needs in our country have undergone a vast change over the past decades. It is vital that we the ones imparting it, keep pace with this change. Kohinoor’s approach has always been futuristic. We have always strived to anticipate the needs of the younger generation and fulfill them. The motto of Kohinoor International Management Institute is ‘Anticipate the future and make it happen in the present’.

With the changing global scenario, there is a phenomenal growth in service sector industries all over the world. We are acutely aware of a lacuna in the country in terms of a world-class educational institute to groom students into service industry professionals, who could make it anywhere in the world; and Kohinoor International Management Institute was the result.

KIMI is aimed at creating global managers not only for the hospitality sector, but also for the entire service industry. I understand that this is an exciting and challenging time for you and this decision of yours will underpin your future career. If you decide to take the journey with us, you can be confident that you have joined not only one of the most prestigious and experienced private schools in India but one that values you as a person and seeks to nurture and develop your individual strengths. I welcome you to join KIMI with a promise that you will be proud to be among the alumni of this school.