Mumbai – A Hub of Blooming Hotel Industry and Quality Education

Being the business capital of India and one of the prominent tourist destinations, Mumbai has received tourists and guests from various parts of the world. Consequently, the city provides well-maintained and up-to-date hospitality services and has a flourishing hotel industry. It is the first and the only city in the country to have capsule hotels, an innovative concept due to which any traveler can stay over-night in the isolation chamber like pods at affordable rates. This, however, doesn’t compromise the basic comforts of the individuals as it provides air conditioning services, Wi-Fi, USB port, T.V, and a break from the ever-moving and socializing world.

After the passing of Mumbai nightlife proposal in 2015, the hotels and restaurants in the city had the permission to stay open and work until late at night. This move was most certainly a heart-warming welcome for not just the hotel industry but for the city as a whole because it would not only increase the revenue but also improve the economy of the city. Thus, it is clear that the hotel industry is always evolving and setting milestones in the history of the city. Thus, the industry provides a huge scope for the individuals and students willing to join it.

Mumbai also acts as a center of educational institutions. It ranks as the number one district in the state of Maharashtra for highest literacy rate where even the slums of the district are the most literate. Thus, the concentration of quality universities and colleges is very high in the city which attracts students from various cities and even from foreign countries. It also provides some of the finest colleges for hotel management. The colleges for hotel management in Mumbai, provides comprehensive and very practical courses. With a developed industry within the city to back it up, it provides several opportunities for the students for an extensive understanding of the subjects. Thus, Mumbai can truly claim its title as a hub for blooming Hotel industry and quality education.

Kohinoor International Management Institute, the best college for hotel management in Mumbai, is one such institute which is constantly striving towards providing the best education in the hospitality industry ensuring that legacy of the hospitality services is maintained and only continues to strive higher and higher.


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