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Ask yourself this: what percentage of the time do you dial up details about your
stay and confirmation numbers and all that stuff as you’re walking up to the
counter to check in? I’ll answer the question for myself: 100% of the time.
Phones are ubiquitous, and they’re a great way to simply pull up all the details
you need, so why not have an app for your hotel that makes all that info easy to
access (and, even better, make future bookings)?
The way guests interact with hotels has changed dramatically in the last few years
because of smartphones. Other hotels are jumping on hotel-branded customer
mobile apps as a way to make a connection with their customers, and you should
too. Competitors are almost certainly looking into it, as 84% of hotel operators
are planning to have the technology in the next 18 months, according to a 2016
Hospitality Technology report.A mobile app isn’t just about simplicity. It can also give customer the incredible
convenience of mobile check-in and even a mobile key. No need to go to the front
desk, just head straight to that lovely bed waiting for you with a swipe of your
phone. The Hospitality Technology report noted that a quarter of hotels planned
to make that available within an 18-month span.
Or, you can have a messaging system within your app that allows guest to fire off
a quick note to the staff about something they need. Don’t make customers feel
old-fashioned by forcing them to pick up that dusty old landline to ask for room
While mentioning this technology in 2016 article on hotel trends, then focused on
primarily for the bigger hotels, but now probably it’s mature enough for the
boutique and smaller ones, too.
Creating your own app may seem daunting, I know. But here are five hotel app
builders you can explore to help get you started:
• m-hospitality (Price: Not listed)
• Ohlalapps (Free trial)
• Adiante Apps (Free trial)
• Appytect (Starts at $30 per month, plus an unlisted setup fee)
• Redforts (about $40 per month for a 20-room hotel with one sales channel)
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