Kohinoor International Management Institute for Luxury Hospitality Industry

For an elite course like Hotel Management, a proper training is required for one to leave a mark in the hospitality industry. Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI), Khandala provides you with a well established training system and is the best institute for hotel management in India.

Established in 2000, we are proud to have taught few of the best jewels in the industry and have come up with the best hotel management courses in India.

So, of all the colleges in the country, why Kohinoor International Management Institute?

  1. Practical knowledge: We believe in practical knowledge of subjects along with thorough theoretical knowledge. And we take various extensive measures to make sure our students gain a proper experience before they set off into the real world.
  2. Experienced and recognized staff: Our staff constantly works towards giving our students the best possible experience and practical knowledge along with academic perfection. We have adopted an interactive approach of learning which makes the learning process far more interesting and fun.
    Our staff has extensive industry experience and they are recognized in the industry. They do a great job at acknowledging the potential of the students.
  3. International Culture: We have students from different parts of the world like South Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, Dubai etc., under one roof, which imbibes the value of various cultures in them. They learn not only to understand but also respect the different traditions around the world they’ve been introduced to and live harmoniously. We take care that the students treat each with equality regardless of their gender, race, beliefs and nationality.
  4. Global placement: We provide the best possible place for our students in the industry not only in the country but also globally. We make sure that their talent is appreciated and recognized.
  5. Art of a reputed group in education since 1961.
  6. State of the art infrastructure with residential facilities.
  7. UK degree at the affordable price. Two years of study in India followed by two years in the UK
  8. One of the few hospitality Institute in India having its own 4 and 5-star hotels

So if you’re looking for a supreme course in the luxury hospitality industry, you’ve arrived at your destination!


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