Know The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Hospitality Industry

In today’s world, technology has become a crucial part of every environment whether it’s a school or a workplace. In fact, almost all corporations have gone as far as incorporating artificial Intelligence in their routine henceforth making customer experience more effective, efficient and time-friendly.

What is Artificial intelligence and how exactly can it help us? It’s when your technology comes to life – or as close to life as it’s possible. Artificial Intelligence refers to a computer’s ability to perform tasks which are traditionally done by humans including decision making, speech recognition and visual perception. In other words, it allows technology to function in an intelligent way.

By adopting artificial intelligence, hotels seek to enhance the experience of both guests and staff. Kohinoor International Management Institute, which is one of the top hotel management colleges in India, brings to you eight ways in which artificial Intelligence can better your stay –

I. Highly personalized service by combining customer preferences with existing data. Customer interests, dining habits and travel patterns are tracked for this purpose.

II. Signal boosting activities that may catch the customer’s attention based on their history and proving reliable information about the hotel. They even take feedback for future reference.

III. Immediate responses to customers through chat bots. Sometimes customers have simple queries which can easily be clarified through automated responses. Chat bots and direct messaging comes in picture here.

IV. Creation of skill sets that target specific groups of people. Services like Amazon Echo may assist guests with tasks like adjusting the lighting, ordering food and Ubers and paying bills. Sending in timely notifications through email and direct messaging.

V. Predicting customer behaviour based on old records of booking and stay.

VI. Making comprehensive profiles of their guests by analyzing large amounts of data and drawing conclusions about existing customers, potential customers or target groups.

VII. Integration with other platforms to deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences.

VIII. With the help of artificial Intelligence, the staff avoids the hassle of direct communication with customers which isn’t as quick or customized.

Every hotel strives to improve the quality of their services and guest experience. Winning a customer’s undivided attention is not just about serving good food and providing accommodation. Through their speed and efficiency, artificial intelligence has made life easier. Top hotel management institutes in India are well aware that the stakes are high and everything humanly possible is to be done to grab a guest’s appreciation and earn their loyalty – including relying on artificial intelligence to do their magic.


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