Everything You Need To Know About Hotel and Hospitality Industry Trends That Will Influence Guest/Customer/Visitor Experience

Great travel stories are usually an outcome of a great living experience. A major part of travelling is having to decide where to accommodate. After a wonderful day of creating memories, all one needs is a cozy, homely bed to crash in and wake up fresh in the morning to continue the quest of memory making.

We, at Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI), Khandala, offer an excellent training program to the students who aspire to seek hospitality management in India. Our course is smartly curated to provide not just theoretical knowledge but also the practical knowledge required to shine in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Here are a few trends we thought we’d share, that influence the visitor’s experience:

–>The secret to being successful in the industry is to keep the millennials, i.e. the age group 18-34, satisfied. They form the majority of the travellers and are active users of the social media. It is important that they feel at home during their travel.Fine dining and gourmet food served at a reasonable price is not only preferred but vastly treasured by the millennials.

–>In the world of full of diversity, it is important that the guests get the homely treatment they expected. The various cultures and traditions must be accepted and welcome. It is also of great significance that the hotels adopt different languages for their international guests.

–> Technology has become an inseparable part of today’s lifestyle so it is necessary to be up to date with technological advances and the staff be trained with the newest gizmos installed. Most guests also prefer to check in and out digitally. Necessary measures to make that possible, like having a website or an application helps gain popularity.

–> Travelling is usually associated with freedom. Taking a step out of the hectic life to explore the world and also yourself. Travelling is all about self-love and refreshment. Hence, such guests prefer to stay at a place that provides with spa treatments, massage centers, gyms, pools and other rejuvenating activities.

–>Among most the things that are need to be done, going eco-friendly is prime requirement.

While these are some things that the industry lives on, there is so much more to the course which demands deeper knowledge of the subject. We, with our excellent staff and efficient learning approach, are one of the best colleges for hotel management in India. And we will make sure that you learn everything about the hospitality industry to its minutest details.


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