KIMI Intra College Day Night Box Cricket Tournament

To illuminate the spark of cricket, KIMI organized an Intra College Day Night Box

Cricket Tournament on 01-12- 2016 with 7 enthusiastic teams from all the 03 years.

Each team comprised of 07 members with one female student and one faculty member

being compulsory. KIMI Principal, Prof. Sanjeeb Pal too participated in the tournament.

The teams competed against each other in a fierce competition to win title of


The Cricket Tournament ended up with a great blast with 03 rd Year students comprising

of Amey Joshi, Nikhil Bathini, Ashwin Pal, Nikhil Shetty, Ayon Guha, Simran Matta and

Prof. Sanjeeb Pal as the winner of the tournament.

Nikhil Bathini was awarded Best Batsman and Man of the Series and Saurabh Mhatre

was Best Bowler. There was a tie between Ashwin Pal and Vikrant Zala for Best Fielder.


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