Alumni Meet at KIMI

KIMI organized its Alumni Meet on 07 th April, 2017 in the college premises. The date of

this Meet was declared a month ago and the news spread far and wide. Many of the

alumni played active role in contacting their batch mates and others.

Registration of alumni was done on the day of the event. There was special enthusiasm

in the batches and it was a great pleasure to know about their accomplishments in their

professional lives. Most of them were visiting their Alma Mater for the first time since

their graduation, and naturally were thrilled to be back in the campus again. The alumni

went through corridors, classrooms and all department labs.

A special Lunch was prepared and service started at 1400 hrs.

Alumni were interested in knowing the activities of the current students. For this

purpose, a video was presented by 02 students of each year that briefed the progress of

the institute and narrated their experience about it along with sweet memories of the



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