Courses in Hotel Management – A new plethora of opportunities

Have you ever found yourself standing on the crossroad of making career choice? Did one career fascinate you over another, or confused between two? Well, if you would like to figure out if Hotel Management is for you or not? These pointers may help you in deciding:Hospitality management graduates are high salaried, have tremendous opportunities in hand, can apply their planning and managing skills as event manager, can handle hotel and conference management, sales and business development and forestry and fishing management, and so on.

One should as well understand the minor differences between Hospital Management and Hotel Management to decide aptly. Though quite a few times both the terms are used interchangeably, the work area that each of the career path defines is entirely different. To clarify in some simpler terms, Hotel Management is a specialized field where one should manage the various operations of a hotel or a lodging-related establishment while Hospitality Management encompasses numerous industries and fields like business development, sales, conference management, and events, among others.
Hotel Management courses in India opens excess of opportunities in form of:

  • Accommodation manager
  • Catering manager
  • Chef
  • Event manager
  • Fast food restaurant manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Public house manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Human resources officer
  • Retail manager
  • Tour manager

In case you have already shortlisted the specialization, you wish to go for, narrow down the choice by opting the nearest environment that you can easily resonate with. The hospitality industry providers the opportunity to get greater responsibilities if one shows eagerness to learn and gain experience. Graduates in the hospitality industry can easily find work opportunities in event management, catering, touring sector, entertainment sector, food service management and also in facilities management.

From the hotel management colleges in Mumbai, Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI), Khandala offers BA (Hons) Hospitality Business Management, a degree course accredited by the University of Birmingham. The uniquely blended innovative program from KIMI combines the strength of both Indian and International curriculum in providing suitable programs for socio-economic benefit, through education. They provide a Twining (Transfer) Degree – A structured 2+2 program at Bachelors Level with a degree course accredited by the University of Birmingham spanned through four years of course along with 1 year of Industrial Placement.

Among all the Hospitality courses in Mumbai, Kohinoor International Management Institute (KIMI) also offers specialization in

  • Rooms Division Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Hotel Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Club Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management

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