10 Myths About Hotel And Hospitality Management School In India

India is a country with hundreds of possible career options for an undergraduate to choose from for their higher education. Unfortunately, it is also a country where lakhs of youth are being sheep herded into engineering or select few higher education courses. This has not only created a case of unemployment in the technology field but is also depriving these young minds from joining a field they might have excelled in.

Hotel and Hospitality Management is one such career field that is going unexplored by the youth of the country. This is largely due to the various myths and rumors associated with the hospitality industry.
Kohinoor International Management Institute, one of the best hotel management colleges in Mumbai, debunks 10 such myths associated with the Hotel and Hospitality Management Schools in India

1. MYTH: Limited to Cooking and Serving Food and Beverages
Truth: It is true that food and beverages service is a part of hotel industry but it is not just restricted to that. Hotel Management courses, apart from these, also includes the housekeeping department that aims to provide a clean and comfortable living environment to the guest during their stay at a particular hotel, the front office area which is an integral part in inter departmental functioning and the overall smooth management of the hotel services. It includes every aspect of service and functioning that goes into ensuring a smooth stay for the guest, from check in to check out.

2. MYTH: Restricted to Hotel Industry
Truth: The vast job description of the hotel management industry has created the notion that hotel management and related jobs are the only aspect of hotel and hospitality management field. That, however, couldn’t be farther from truth. Hospitality industry is a vast field with scores of other management industry encompassed within its scope. It includes, among other things and beside hotel management, event planning, sales and marketing, accounting departments, mall or multiplex management etc. It’s a higher education course with wide and varied career path open to its graduates.

3. MYTH: Meant for people who score less in school
Truth: It is a farce or taboo associated with almost all higher education courses apart from a select few in our country. In reality, hotel and hospitality management industry is as challenging a higher education course as any other. Sure we don’t need rocket scientists but a good academic knowledge creates a strong foundation to build your career in. Some hotel management institutes in India have an extensive course curriculum including business communication, geography, accounting, human resource, marketing, multiple languages, etc. The best colleges have a rigorous selection and screening process too.

4. MYTH: The industry has bad average pay
Truth: Like any other industry, a graduate needs to be trained and gain work experience to build a solid experience foundation for them. Hence, they start out slow before ascending the ladder of both, post and pay. However, this is a fact common and true for all career paths. The average pay for a hospitality graduate starts from fifteen thousand and steadily increases to reach even lakhs with experience. It is field, like any other field, where you need to build up your career and your income increases the higher you get.

5. MYTH: It is a redundant career
Truth: Again, another myth that needs to be busted is the one that says hospitality management is a redundant career path where you just end up being a glorified maid or man servant. It is a career where you get a lot of different opportunities to excel in your field while doing something you enjoy. Hospitality industry opens up the gates for you to work in five star hotels like Hyatt, Oberoi Group, Taj Group, Trident, etc. A hospitality graduate can also work in casinos or luxury cruise ships, giving them a well-paid as well as enjoyable career not only in India but also abroad.

6. MYTH: Not good for Women
Truth: As far as the patriarchal saying goes, no job is good for women. Hospitality industry is one of the leading industries debunking and refuting this stigma. It is an industry where a woman’s charming personality, calm-headedness and general observational and management skills are appreciated and promoted. This industry has seen a healthy increase in number of women holding high posts and is a great field for young female graduates to build their career.

7. MYTH: Industry growth is less
Truth: This myth is frankly, laughable as the hotel and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing one. Tourism is a field that isn’t about to see economical stagnancy anytime soon. This generates a lot of new opportunities for the related graduates with new job opening cropping up everywhere.

8. MYTH: Hospitality and Hotel Management is the same thing
Truth: Hotel management is not a synonym but a branch of the hospitality industry that includes casino management, cruise overseeing, mall and multiplexes, event management and many more.

9. MYTH: Long Job Hour After Graduation
Truth: Indeed the hotel industry stays on every hour of every day throughout the year. However, this 24/7/365 working schedule, instead of being demanding and cumbersome gives you the opportunity to work according to your convenience. Prefer a 9 to 5 shift? The hotel is open at that time. Prefer a night shift? The hotel is still open at that time! Part time job? Yes, they need more staff during peak season!

10. MYTH: Students are free labor
Truth: Most hotel management institutes in India have their own hotels or workspace and the students are given a shift to work. However, this is not free labor but an integral part of their curriculum. The training they obtain from their colleges is going to be a star mark on their resume as they set out to start their career in the industry.

Hence, Hotel and Hospitality Management is not the easy going course but a fully developed career path with plenty of opportunities for the graduates and post graduates to build a life and living out of it.


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