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Unlock Doors To Rewarding career in Hotel management with KIMI Institute

Degree in Hospitality management is gradually becoming one of the most sought after degrees among the youth. There is more to a career in hospitality management than just a fancy degree, it is a course which not only teaches you about team work, but inculcates practices of time management, stress management, customer satisfaction and above all of that, it also helps you build strong connects within the industry. Kohinoor college of hotel management brings you a few pointers to help you understand more about what kind of a rewarding career...

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Know The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Hospitality Industry

In today’s world, technology has become a crucial part of every environment whether it’s a school or a workplace. In fact, almost all corporations have gone as far as incorporating artificial Intelligence in their routine henceforth making customer experience more effective, efficient and time-friendly. What is Artificial intelligence and how exactly can it help us? It’s when your technology comes to life – or as close to life as it’s possible. Artificial Intelligence refers to a computer’s ability to perform tasks which are traditionally done by humans including decision making, speech recognition and visual p...

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10 Myths About Hotel And Hospitality Management School In India

India is a country with hundreds of possible career options for an undergraduate to choose from for their higher education. Unfortunately, it is also a country where lakhs of youth are being sheep herded into engineering or select few higher education courses. This has not only created a case of unemployment in the technology field but is also depriving these young minds from joining a field they might have excelled in. Hotel and Hospitality Management is one such career field that is going unexplored by the youth of the country. This is largely due to the various myths and rumors associated with the hospitality industry. ...

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