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Patisserie or Boulangerie ?

As a lay man, we would just walk into a bake shop in India and buy the pastries and breads we want but if we look around, one may just notice that some shops that sell these products will have “Patisserie” written on the shop board while others will have “Boulangerie”. I often ask my students the same question, Is it a matter of personal choice or the owners prefer to call it that way? Both these terms are French in origin( Probably the birthplace for everything sweet and in true sense the baking capital of the world). It’s known for its range of baked delicacies such as baguettes, croissants, éclairs, puffs et...

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“Out of the Box” Kitchen Approach

Nowadays as the world is globalizing, food from every country is getting popular. We are eating and enjoying dishes from different countries; that some of us have never even heard of a few years earlier. The other day, I read somewhere that Japanese Sushi and Katsu Curry, Arabic Falafel, British Fish and Chips, Nepalese Momos, Thai Curries, Mexican Tapas, Indian Chicken Tikka Masala etc. are some of the most popular dishes worldwide. I was amazed to know that Chicken Tikka Masala is considered Indian.  As I have learnt, this dish was just created accidentally for a British person who wanted to have a very mild curry with...

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Courses in Hotel Management – A new plethora of opportunities

Have you ever found yourself standing on the crossroad of making career choice? Did one career fascinate you over another, or confused between two? Well, if you would like to figure out if Hotel Management is for you or not? These pointers may help you in deciding:Hospitality management graduates are high salaried, have tremendous opportunities in hand, can apply their planning and managing skills as event manager, can handle hotel and conference management, sales and business development and forestry and fishing management, and so on. One should as well understand the minor differences between Hospital Management and Hote...

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